Well it wasn’t quite a white Christmas, but it certainly made up for it the day after.  The snow looks so beautiful when new-fallen.  Neighbors have begun posting stories and pictures on Facebook indicating that the snow is bringing out the best in folks, or the holiday spirit is alive and well.

Huffman seems to have some good hearted spirits out and about.  On Fourth street a neighbor reported that some kind young man shoveled his way down the street, just to do a good deed.

Similar stories seemed to be the case on Linden Avenue as well.  Those fortunate to have snow blowers are using them to help plow neighbors sidewalks as well as their own.  This is city living at its best and one of the rewards for living in a caring neighborhod.

Children could be heard playing in the snow and in the evening the holiday lights added to the festive setting.

The white mounds accentuate our beautiful Victorian homes, and have turned the neighborhood into a picturesque postcard-like scene.

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts and stays white!

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