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Why We Live Here

Why, you may ask, do people elect to buy and occupy a house located in an historic district like Huffman?  I thought I knew and I bet you think you know too.  Know-knew-nonnie-nee – we shall see.

At the Huffman Historic Neighborhood Association meeting of August 3, I asked those present who owned and occupied a house in the district to complete a short survey indicating their top three reasons for buying their house.  They were given nine possible reasons plus the opportunity to add reasons not provided.  They were further instructed not to give their names (an effort to increase the liklihood of honest answers – a trick I learned in my statistics class as an undergrad psych major).  Fourteen people completed the survey.  Plenty, in my book.

The nine listed reasons, in no particular order, were   1) enjoy house restoration, 2) investment, 3) grew up in Huffman, 4) knew other residents, 5) price, 6) location, 7) quality of schools, 8) exterior aappearance/style, and 9) house features.  Three responders added their own reasons, including  1) love to communicate with the spirit of my house, 2) home tours, and my favorite  3)temporary insanity.

So, what do you suppose were the three top reasons?  I figured price would be number one.  Price per square foot in all but one of Dayton’s historic districts is the bargain of a lifetime.  The  more square feet, the bigger the bargain.  We paid $51.36 per square foot for our fully restored and up-to-code Rehabarama jewel of a house in 1998.  Such a deal you wouldn’t believe.   If you, like me, guessed price was the number one reason, well, you were wrong.

The number one reason was , TA-DA , house features.  Number two was exterior appearance/style.  Number three was a tie between location and price.  Number four was enjoy house restoration.  I could be wrong (it happens), but I’m guessing the first three reasons are the same reasons people would give regardless of the area they decided to buy in.  I was going to check that out with a realtor or two, but they would be guessing at the answers.  My answers are the result of a scientific study done by a guy who took statistics in college and passed . . . barely.



2 Responses to “Tales of Huffman II”

  1. Jamie Bailey Oliver Says:

    Thank you for taking the survey and now for giving us the results. We are all neighbors and we live in a neighborhood, one we chose to live in and continue to live in. Whatever negatives we face are outpaced by the many positives if we choose to see them. My husband and I LOVE our home, and now we have THREE lots (two green, one house) that we could never have afforded in the ‘burbs. We have a front porch that offers unending entertainment . . . We have adopted many fur family members that bring us endless joy. It’s just all too interesting to move!

  2. Joel Michael Says:

    We didn’t really know anyone here before we moved in, but we met several neighbors before purchasing. I know others in the neighborhood who did the same thing. I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t buy a house in Huffman after meeting the neighbors.

    We’re trained to evaluate houses on features like those listed on MLS sheets, but it seems to me that the best feature to evaluate is people – especially if you intend to do some renovation work anyway. You can always add features to your house. You can’t very easily swap bad neighbors for good, so why not shop for good neighbors first?

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