by: John Robinson
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How Does your Garden Grow?

I wonder, can we tell anything interesting (or better yet provocative) about someone by their garden?  Are people inadvertently telling us something deeply personal about themselves by their gardening style, like the way they dress or enter a room full of strangers?  Why not take a look for yourself and see what you think?  It has to be more fun than watching Dancing With The Not Really Stars.

It’s no secret that historic districts like Huffman tend to attract people who are a tad more creative than your average citizen.  If you doubt that statement, talk a walk around the neighborhood and check out the wildly varied house colors.  There aren’t any purple and orange houses in Oakwood (probably by law).  Better yet, if you’re willing to walk the alleys, check out the gardens. 

 As I see it, because most gardens are in backyards, somewhat hidden away from the casual passerby, gardens reveal a much more intimate peek into the personalities of the owner/gardeners.  What, for example, does a garden laid out with perfectly even rows of weed-free flowers, all properly labeled and in healthy pest-free bloom, say about the gardener?  Or, how about a garden like mine, bursting uncontrollably with equal parts flowers, vegetables and monstrously gorgeous attack weeds?  Is the gardener in the first example a strict, by-the-book conservative who cooks and cleans up at the same time?  Or maybe a closet liberal who writes erotic fiction under an assumed name?  In the second example, it’s clear the gardener is either deeply disturbed or just plain lazy – you decide.

 One thing’s for sure; after a thorough look at most of the gardens in our historic district it’s obvious we feature an extremely diverse sampling of fascinating gardens.  And, like their gardens, the gardeners are surely a similarly diverse mix – liberals, erotic conservaties and at least one lazybones among the lot.  Get ready.  Your neighbors are about to start peeking over your fence.


2 Responses to “Tales of Huffman III”

  1. Joel Michael Says:

    Oh my! I can’t wait to see if this post bumps our web search numbers.

    And, I think there is a purple house in Oakwood. As the story goes, the owner was trying to spite the city government for some reason. I can think of at least four houses in Huffman wearing shades of lavender, violet, and purple of some sort. That Oakwood dump wouldn’t even stand out here.

  2. Joanie Amato Spain Says:

    My Dad was an avid gardener. There was every manner of fresh vegetables on the dinner tables of my childhood. And I have a family album full of pictures taken in front of the most beautiful flower beds in our town. I inherited several traits from my Dad, but did NOT get his green thumb. The only thing I can consistently grow is mold.

    I do think, however, that I could write erotic fiction under an assumed name…

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