by: Joanie Amato Spain
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I sing along, loudly and out of tune, with the radio. Fortunately, my husband has chosen to think of this as “endearing.” Unfortunately, I frequently misunderstand song lyrics. For instance, who would have guessed that “the tired old man with the electric hand” was really Don Henley singing about Ronald Reagan as “the tired old man we elected King”??

I’m quite sure, however, that I did not misunderstand Cliff Rubin’s lyric when he sang: “Look for the good. You find what you seek.”

Historic Huffman is a neighborhood: a living, breathing, organic entity made up of real people with real lives and genuine concerns. We don’t always agree. In fact, it’s a wonder that the human species is able to effectively communicate at all given genetic, cultural, linguistic, and perceptual differences. Yet, we do join together in communities, congregations, corporations, associations, and neighborhoods.

Last night we attended a House Blessing in Historic Huffman. A young couple with a growing family moved from a small cottage around the corner to a larger house down the street. They invited neighbors, friends, and family to a unique celebration of love, commitment, and community. We were honored and delighted to attend.

This is just one example of how neighbors come together in Huffman. We have many more examples, too: block parties, progressive dinners, impromptu patio parties, ‘thank you for watching the pets’ dinner parties, cook-outs and more.

Historic Huffman is “Victorian, diverse, eclectic, and progressive.” We don’t always agree on the specifics but we seem to agree that we choose to live, with each other, in community and in this neighborhood.

I may not have an electric hand, but I have decided to look for the good because I know I find what I seek…

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  1. John Robinson Says:

    Reminds one of “Gee, our old LaSalle ran great.” Or the lyrics to Cops, which I know but won’t tell.

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