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If you look at the map on this site, You’ll notice that Huffman’s southwest border is formed by a railroad track. I was recently informed by Norfolk Southern, the huge railroad company, that this little leg of track is called the Clement Industrial Track. I haven’t noticed any rail traffic on it for a couple years now.

As I’ve been working on the map and streetview components of this site and riding my bike to work everyday, these two parts of my life combined to form what I thought was a completely original idea – a bike path following the track through Huffman! I became obsessed with this notion and started looking up information on how to make it happen. It was then that I found that the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission already thought of the idea. Oh well, it would still be great for Huffman and downtown to have a path connect us to the trails already out by the Smithville and Linden intersection.

To temporarily quell my obsession, I made a little movie about the track/trail. I’m not sure who my intended audience is exactly or who I’m trying to convince that the Clement Industrial Bike Trail is a no-brainer, but I thought it was an idea worth bringing into the light. I hope you like it and can provide some insight on how to push it forward.

UPDATE: I extracted a couple of pages from the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commision’s comprehensive bike path plan that describe the project and put a cost toward it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Check out a related idea here.

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