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In a previous post, I talked about Running Errands, Urban Style. That article was about the convenient services, such as the post office and library, that are easily reached from the Historic Huffman neighborhood on foot or by bike. This post moves from errands to exercise.

If you are a runner, then Huffman is a great neighborhood for this hobby. The shady streets lined with Victorian architecture are a pleasant place to jog. (Just watch out for sections of uneven sidewalk caused by tree roots, about the only downside to the many lovely trees in the neighborhood.)

As a runner, you can also easily reach the path along the Miami River for another scenic route.

However, my favorite place to run is the track at Stivers High School for the Arts. This is a great asset to have so close to Huffman. The track was upgraded several years ago to a recycled rubber surface, which is more forgiving on knees and shins than the surrounding concrete or asphalt. While running, I enjoy a rotating view of a Victorian streetscape, a nicely renovated school, and the downtown skyline. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of distance covered — each lap is about 1/4 mile.

Some days when my husband and I visit the track, we have it all to ourselves. On other days, we see our neighbors out there running or walking and give them a wave. Either way, it’s a great place to run in the city.

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  1. Joel Michael Says:

    Stivers track also has a soccer field in the middle of it. Perfect for pickup football or futbol or kite flying.

  2. Erin Caldwell Says:

    I love it, too! I can take my two year old with me to “play” soccer and climb around on the bleachers while I run. And if you walk down 4th Street to get there you get to admire all the lovely houses in Huffman AND St. Anne’s, including that lovely old broken down church…

  3. What’s the Buzz, Huffman? Says:

    [...] of course, their school building is an architectural gem in the area. (And I love being able to run the two short blocks from my house to their track for my weekly exercise!) Congratulations, [...]

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