by: Joanie Amato Spain
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I consider myself a lover of The Arts and like to think I support art in all its forms. I have quite a resume to defend this self image: I work with graphic designers; have a BA in Humanities and season tickets to The Loft Theater; I go to the movies a lot [even independent and foreign films!] and have a John Singer Sargent print hanging in my living room; I have read [and sometimes enjoyed] several literary classics, can write a mean Haiku, and was President of my high school band. As anyone can plainly see, I am a lover of The Arts in all its forms.

This self-image was recently put to the test when a garage band and its requisite teenagers moved into the house around the corner. We came home one afternoon to hear our new neighborhood band practicing. John and I exchanged looks, rolled our eyes, moaned, planned our complaints—all while managing to sound like OLD people.

Then we waited, watched…and listened. Our new neighbors are a single mother and her teenagers. In addition to supporting The Arts, I empathize with single moms. It’s not easy raising teenagers and if they want to hang out and play music at home, it’s worth supporting.

We’ve heard this young band practice several times now and have noticed a few things: the teenagers [when visible] are polite and respectful; they always practice in the late afternoon [never late at night]; the band is pretty good…and getting better!

I don’t pretend to understand today’s rock and roll. But I do know the rock and roll legends I still listen to all started in garage bands. Their old neighbors undoubtedly moaned and complained, too. I also don’t have to pretend to like teenagers. I genuinely do like and appreciate teens, and the happy youthful sounds that go along with living in the same neighborhood with them.

When our new neighborhood garage band makes it BIG, I’ll be able to say I was with them from the very beginning. After all, I support The Arts in all its forms!

5 Responses to “Garage Band Blues”

  1. Joel Michael Says:

    Rock on! This band have a name?

  2. Erin Caldwell Says:

    and are they on Huffman?

  3. Michael R. Hawk Says:

    Let’s get them to play somewhere in the hood so we can all hear them!

  4. Joanie Amato Spain Says:

    I’ve wondered about their name, too! I’ll knock on the door and find out. Maybe they’ll want to play a set in conjunction with Haunted Huffman?

  5. Danielle Dumont Says:

    Isn’t it refreshing when diversity is appreciated and neighbors get along? However, I’m glad to hear that the band doesn’t practice late at night — good sleep is precious!

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