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Just in case you haven’t figured it out by now, Tales of Huffman is an attempt to give those who don’t live here an idea of what the people are like who do.  Toward that end, I prepare a monthly anonymous survey which is passed out to those attending our Historic Huffman Neighborhood Association meeting.   I try to make the questions profound and meaningful so as to reveal the true character of our unique village. 

This month’s survey asked participants to tell us about some their favorites; favorite movies, songs, candy, local restaurants, last book read, books they are dying to read, perfumes, aftershaves, soft drinks, hard drinks, smoker or not, local pizza, sports to watch, sports to play, current TV shows, and lastly, whether or not they were vegetarians.  Like I said, questions that are profound and meaningful – questions that reveal the true character of our unique village.

Of the 21 folks who completed the questionnaire, there was almost no agreement about  favorite songs, perfumes, aftershaves, current TV shows, movies, candy, the last book read or a book they were dying to read.  Songs, for example, covered everything from Nessun Dorma to Born to Run.  The list of last books read showed a few interesting titles, including Origin of the Species and Kafka on the Shore.  Among the 9 responders dying to read a particular book, How the Irish Saved Civilization seems like it might be a good read (I’m a real title freak).  Only my wife and I listed Dan Brown’s new book The Lost Symbol.  Unfortunately we each ordered it without telling the other.

Our neighborhood Mexican restaurant won out over much bigger names.  The Pizza Factory edged out Marion’s six to four.  The survey turned up no vegetarians and only three smokers.

Chocolate was the key ingredient in almost all of the candy choices.  Coke, diet or regular, beat out all other soft drinks by a mile (only one Pepsi drinker).  Those who sip something stronger from time to time beat out those who don’t by a measure of three to one.  Four of the tipplers prefer beer or ale while six prefer the hard stuff.  Six go the trendy wine route, including one neighbor who can’t resist the richly piquant base notes of “cheap red wine.”

So, if you think you might enjoy living in a neighborhood where your average neighbor doesn’t smoke, drinks Coke, loves anything chocolate and has probably read a book or two while quaffing some cheap red wine, you might think about moving to Huffman.  Then again, a little further down the street is a neighbor who eats pizza four times a week, loves his beer and sings along with Saturday radio performances from the Met.  What  more could anyone ask for?



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  1. Jamie Bailey Oliver Says:

    Love reading about the survey results. I can’t wait for the October edition.

  2. Danielle Dumont Says:

    John, great article about your survey results. I hear a bit of Andy Rooney in your voice.

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