by: Joel Michael
stored in: General

Nova is our block’s most visible resident. He’ll greet you when you come home. You’ll see him in your yard. You’ll see him in your neighbors’ yards. You’ll see him on a garage roof. You’ll see him avoiding noisy dogs by running along the tops of fences. But you won’t see him for very much longer. He is moving soon. The Air Force has struck again. Best wishes to Ida and Nova on their move to Colorado.

2 Responses to “Nova, the Neighborhood Cat”

  1. Erazuu Rauu Says:

    I couldn’t let either of our cats be outdoor cats. I’d be afraid to find them hit by a car or harassed by hooligans.

  2. Danielle Dumont Says:

    Rich, I’m with you. My two cats are indoor cats, too. They have a big house to roam around, but they are very jealous of Nova’s freedom. Whenever Nova jumps onto the outside of our windowsills, my cats try to attack him from the inside of the window! There’s a big smacking sound and some angry stares.

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