by: Danielle Dumont
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I’m encouraged by small signs of economic recovery in Dayton. Last month, a nice Victorian home in neighboring St. Anne’s Hill went up for sale and was eagerly purchased in a matter of weeks. That’s great news, because, as we know, it can take much longer for urban historic homes to be matched with the right buyer.

The reason the home was for sale has economic implications. The former owner is employed by NCR, and he agreed to move to Georgia when this long-time Dayton institution relocates. On my street in the Huffman Historic neighborhood, one of my neighbors was laid off from NCR near the beginning of this recession. Other neighbors employed by larger companies – banking and higher education – also have lost their jobs. These are some of the visible downsides of our sluggish economy.

However, other neighbors are fairly secure in their employment. On my block, two folks work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and one works for the local hospital system. Both industries are doing well. A city employee was threatened with a job cut, but luckily that didn’t happen. And a handful of us who work in the service and manufacturing (non-automotive) sectors, at small or medium-sized companies, have also enjoyed relative job stability.

Outside the traditional work system, several neighbors are retired, students, volunteer, or raise children. One of the block’s entrepreneurs, who owns a remodeling business, saw his work load decline precipitously but now reports an upswing in projects.

My street in Huffman is a small example of the ups and downs of our national economy. Of those who have lost jobs, one has found work with a consulting firm which includes exciting travel opportunities, and another has drummed up freelance marketing work. I’ve found that most of my neighbors are tough, resilient, and creative — much like our historic homes.

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  1. John Robinson Says:

    Nice job, neighbor! In my view, your always positive, gentle, richly textured and thoughtful writings serve as the standard for contributions to this blog. We could use a dozen more writers with your talent for showing us the good stuff that’s all around us.

  2. Danielle Dumont Says:

    Thanks, John. You know, I have a knee-jerk tendency to be a pessimist, but when I truly reflect on situations and people, I can spy a positive in almost anything. You’d have to, to be able to get up each morning and live through each day.

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