by: Jamie Bailey Oliver
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In “Cat Tales, Part I” we introduced you to our colony of cats who have taken up residence in our home. In “Cat Tales, Part II” let us introduce you to some of the cats who, although they live outside, come to visit the Olivers on a regular basis. We have decided that word gets passed around the cat colony that if you go to the light green house on 5th Street there will be food on the back porch–and you don’t even have to let them pet you. But that is only part of the story…

We have lived in our home for almost ten years and we have seen a number of cats come and go. As we sadly noted in “Cat Tales, Part I” we have cared for some of those cats only to find out that they needed to be euthanized in order to further prevent the spread of disease throughout the cat colony. Nevertheless we have found some very healthy fur family members who are living in our home today. Now not everyone wants to live inside, as we have found out, and we have learned that that is perfectly fine too. One example is an orange and white tabby we call “Stinky”–because he is so stinkin’ cute.

Dan and I love to go camping and we spend several weekends from spring through fall, along with at least one extended vacation, camping away from Dayton. I don’t think we have returned from any one of those camping trips without being greeted by “Stinky.” He is one of the friendliest cats we have ever met. When he sees us pulling into the alley he trots over, immediately lies down to roll around as if to say, “Welcome Back! I’m glad to see you and I really missed you!” (of course he also does that sometimes simply because we have come home from work). But “Stinky” loves to live outside. On occasion, in the warmer months, he will briefly come inside to say hello to our inside brood–and what is so amazing about that is that they are almost excited to see him. Rarely is there a hiss and there has never been a fight. We have had more trouble introducing new members of our own fur family to each other than we have had bringing “Stinky” in for a visit. Anyway, it is only during the coldest of cold winter days that “Stinky” will come in to stay for awhile; he is an outdoor kitty through and through.

There are other ‘outsiders’ who come to visit on a regular basis but most of them are feral or skittish and don’t allow us to pet them. We have, of course, given them ‘names’ as well: Microphone Kitty (for the white face with a patch of black that comes around one side of the face like a wireless mic), Little Gray Kitty, Hopper’s Brother (who is our cat Hopper’s littermate but never adapted to living inside), among many other outside visitors.

We can only hope that many of these cats are being medically cared for by our neighbors, and we do know “Stinky” is. Please be a responsible pet owner and keep your kitties vaccinated as well as spayed and neutered. As noted in “Cat Tales, Part I” if you would like more information about the Humane Society of Greater Dayton Trap and Release Program please contact them: http://www.humanesocietydayton.org/.

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  1. Michael R. Hawk Says:

    Thanks for the intros.

    I cherish my Huffman stray Linden. He just showed up on the porch of 92 Linden and announced that he now lived there and inquired politely about dinner. Who could resist?

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