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My zippy Volkswagen makes my commute to work fly by with very few worries. From the Huffman neighborhood, it takes me about 23 minutes to get to my job in the village of Yellow Springs.

On these wintry days, when road conditions can be more treacherous than usual, I am thankful that my path to work is the one less traveled: I drive away from downtown in the morning and return to downtown in the evening, while most other workers are on the other side of the highway going in the opposite direction. Fewer cars on my side of the slick road means fewer opportunities for accidents.

According to U.S. Census data, the mean drive time to work in the Dayton area is 21 minutes. In our zip code, 45403, the mean commute time is 15-19 minutes. These are very manageable lengths of time to be stuck in a car, especially when I think about my company’s coworkers in San Diego, some of whom drive more than two hours each way to work. Ouch!

Having lived in Huffman for 12 years, my household’s commute times have varied with our jobs. My husband and I both have worked in the Oregon District, and our commutes were less than 4 minutes each. When my husband worked at the home office, his commute was, oh, about 10 seconds to walk from one room to another. He also worked for a local university, and he rode his bike to work in under 10 minutes for several years. His new job in Piqua will force him to become accustomed to the rush-hour commute on I-75, but it will still be an easy-on, easy-off ride up the highway.

I like my job, so I’ll put up with the commute each day, but I certainly wouldn’t mind working downtown again, if that opportunity arose. The under-five-minute commute would be great, and my income taxes and the money I spend on lunch would be kept very local.

What is your commute time?

4 Responses to “How We Get to Work: Neighborhood Commutes”

  1. Joel Michael Says:

    I wonder if the 3C&D rail service would make your commute even easier. I don’t think any trains are headed straight north, though. Darn.

  2. Erazuu Rauu Says:

    Where we are now is about 20 miles from D.C. It’s not unheard of for people to do 2-3 hours one way. I think they’re insane around here. Traffic is one reason of many thousands we’re leaving this area.

  3. Beth Poliquin Jachimski Says:

    My commute to work is only about 5-7 minutes by car. It is so great being close to work.

  4. Joanie Amato Spain Says:

    My 8 mile commute to a south suburb of Dayton takes 20-25 minutes [which includes a McDonald's drive-thru stop for my morning Diet Coke]. Not far as the crow flies, but time consuming with the start-and-stop of traffic lights, city buses etc. I have learned that Linden-to-Smithville takes less time than Wayne-to-Wilmington.

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