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The other day I was reading entries on the Dayton Originals web site in a section titled MEET TODAY’S “DAYTON ORIGINALS”. I ran across a small article featuring two of our neighborhood’s heroes. Mike Osgood and Art Nabinger have been instrumental in the revitalization efforts to make our neighborhood what it is. They saw potential and recognized the beauty in the historic homes that make up Huffman Historic District. To see the article go to http://www.daytonoriginals.org/stamp_collection.asp

It states “In the last 25 years, the Huffman Historic District has progressed from being partially rundown to one of the truly great historic neighborhoods in the Dayton area. Mike Osgood was one of the first people to see the neighborhood’s potential, and he opened many others to the same vision. Art Nabinger was one of the early “move-ins” in the newly expanding preservation effort and has since become one of the leaders. He deserves much credit for revitalization efforts in the neighborhood in recent years and for the present quality of the neighborhood. Mike and Art are two truly unsung heroes in Dayton, and it is through their and others’ passion and tireless dedication that Dayton will continue and thrive.”

To say that the neighborhood in those days was “partially rundown” is very complimentary to what it really was. I was a home owner in the neighborhood in previous decades and wish I had photos to show what it looked like. These guys have been instrumental in bringing about major changes and have helped many others do the same. Anyone who has rehabbed a home knows the hard work that it takes to make it happen. Mike and Art have not only renovated their own beautiful homes, they have bought, renovated, sold and rented many others. I personally don’t know all of the gems they have restored but am in awe of the ones that I’ve seen. The hard work and love that they put into these homes and our neighborhood is fantastic.

Many thanks to Mike and Art.

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  1. Danielle Dumont Says:

    Thanks, Susan, for recognizing some of our neighborhood’s hard-working renovators. We are lucky that we have quite a few to celebrate. Don Dawson and Rosie Miller also come to mind, having beautifully restored several Victorian houses each.

  2. Joel Michael Says:

    I believe Linda Zavakos was instrumental in getting the area deemed a historic district way back in the day. Early 1980s? Late 1970s?

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