by: Piper Martin
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Over the past couple weeks I’ve noticed that birdsong in the neighborhood has really increased.  Instead of a few lone tweets when I get up in the morning there is a bright chorus (punctuated by the melancholy call of the mourning dove).  When we moved to the Huffman six years ago, I was very surprised by the all the birds I saw and heard–there were far more birds in this urban environment than in the suburban neighborhood I grew up in.  Over the years I’ve developed a theory about why there are so many critters around: with our relatively smaller lots we use a lot less pesticide than in the suburbs.  There are no sprawling yards with a monoculture of lawn maintained by multiple applications of petroleum; instead, we have small grass plots that probably include clover, violets, and assorted other weeds–at our house, if it’s green and mowable, it’s a lawn!  All creatures are all better off without lots of poison on their turf, and I think that it’s really cool that we urbanites are helping encourage our local ecosystems better than most of the ‘burbs.  So next time you’re walking around the Huffman, bring your binoculars!

3 Responses to “Urban Birds”

  1. Danielle Dumont Says:

    I know spring is almost here when the birds start to sing happily early in the morning. It’s such a pleasant sound.

  2. Joanie Amato Spain Says:

    I’m planning a blog post about a new feathered friend, too. She sits on my windowsill every morning and sings while I get ready for work. She hasn’t finished her story yet, so stay tuned for another “Birdsong” post…

  3. Erazuu Rauu Says:

    I’ve started to see more birds too, but that could be simply because we’re in the neighborhood much more frequently these days.

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