by: Joel Michael
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We’d pass the old limestone well cover with its hole for the pump everyday on our way to the carriage house. Someone had placed a modern concrete bench on top of it to make use of the hard surface. It looked like an absurdly small patio oddly detached from the house. I liked the look of the large slab of limestone but knew it really didn’t belong in that location anymore. We’d be foolish to get rid of it, but had no plans for it either. It took a wet spring day – like today – to set into motion a series of events and inspirations that quickly transformed our back yard.

It was actually our first spring in Huffman. It was so wet that our big old leaning hackberry tree simply uprooted itself by being too top-heavy. It eased onto our rickety picket fence crushing it slowly into the soft dirt. Insurance paid for a new fence and the tree removal. While the tree-removal folks were available, I asked them to grind another old stump in another corner of the yard. All of a sudden, it all made sense.

The pile of dirt and saw dust from the old stump could be hidden underneath the well pump cover. The bench could be moved across the yard between two other trees. The new location of the limestone slab at the corner of the garage would provide a perfect entrance to our back yard from the alley. In digging the well pump cover out of the ground we’d expose the old limestone that lined the interior of the well. The well stones could form a new patio along the edge of the garage connecting the sidewalk to the new alley entrance.

In just a few minutes, mother nature had laid out a plan that designed our back yard for us. I never would’ve removed the hackberry tree if it hadn’t fallen over. I never would’ve thought to move the slab to the corner of the yard. Sometimes bad luck can become a blessing. Sometimes you just need a little spring rain to sprout new ideas.

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  1. Erazuu Rauu Says:

    Right now, we need the rain to stop so we can get the plumbing finished.

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