by: Erin Caldwell
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On Saturday, June 26, the Huffman Historic Area will hold a neighborhood-wide garage sale from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Check out Map of garage sale locations!

Last year, I found so many treasures! It’s really fun going to a garage sale in a historic neighborhood because the array of items seems to never be run-of-the-mill. Most of the sellers have the common household items for sale, but there may also be some things you might not expect. For example, many of those who have restored their homes may have a box of various historic door knobs and/or hinges that many of us might actually be able to use in our 100 year old doors. There may be various light fixtures, doors, and maybe a sink or two from the homeowners recent historic restoration of a bathroom or kitchen, and since historic homeowners value originality and historic style, they may also be getting rid of some of the numerous antique pieces of furniture that they just could not help but buy, but really don’t have room for.

I always like visiting with my neighbors during the sale, though. It’s nice to see everyone out in their yards at the same time, and getting little updates about their lives is nice.

It’s also quite a nice tour of the neighborhood if you decide to join us. :)

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  1. Danielle Dumont Says:

    I walked to the Farmer’s Market on Webster Street in the morning. On my way back, I had fun talking to acquaintances in St. Anne’s Hill who were working at their lovely garden tour. Then I had more fun in a shady spot in Huffman talking to a neighbor who had great, natural (non-chemical) soaps available for sale. These were not what I expected to find at the neighborhood garage sale, and luckily I had some money left from the farmer’s market so I could buy a bar of verbena soap. Great find!

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