From the archives, I have included here a sampling of historic advertisements from businesses that were once located in the Huffman neighborhood (or very close by). I found these ads in a book (re)published in 1996 for Dayton’s bicentenntial; the book was originally published in 1880 and was titled “Reed’s Illustrated History of Montgomery County, from its earliest recollections to the present time.”

Merchants in the Huffman neighborhood, Dayton, OH 1880

Merchants in the Huffman neighborhood, Dayton, OH 1880

Circa 1880 we find the grocery store of Dennis Ryan on the corner of Fifth and Huffman and the forge and anvil shop of Joseph Dyson on Huffman near the intersection of Linden.

Also, the contracting and carpentry business of Orion L. Bouck and Jacob J. Perrine. Bouck and Perrine were in business together from 1880-83; the business later dissolved and Bouck established another business on his own in 1884. Their building on the northwest corner of Fifth and June Streets is no longer there; a gas station is in its place.

The beautiful and sturdy limestone curbs that¬†edge our neighborhood streets likely were supplied by the stoneyard on Huffman Avenue — managed by a Huffman himself. William Huffman, the son of William P. Huffman. Sadly, William preceded his notable father in death in 1888.

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