by: Danielle Dumont
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My husband asked me to stick my hand in the wall. Not an outrageous request, considering we were working on an electrical project inside the house. We have been replacing old knob-and-tube wiring with new wiring, but we’ve only cut small holes in the plaster walls to minimize the dusty mess that the plaster creates. (No matter what we do, though, the hundred years of coal dust from inside the walls still pours out.) At one point during the project, we needed to fish a new cable from the basement to an outlet on the first floor, and only my skinny hand could reach inside the hole to grab it.

That’s some of the fun that I had this summer. In return for using my dextrous skills, my husband was elected by me to remove the shriveled bat that I discovered in the laundry basket this week. (Had one of my cats caught and killed it? Good job!)

Additionally, my summer hours have been filled with watering flowers, growing and eating garden fresh tomatoes and basil, and getting bitten by a thousand mosquitoes (why am I such a bug magnet?). I’ve had sweaty runs on the track at Stivers (slathered in sunscreen), biked downtown to the Cityfolk Festival and walked there for the United Irish of Dayton Celtic Festival (my two favorite events at Riverscape). I pulled weeds out between the bricks in the street and took a fiction writing class at UD for six weeks.

Not all of my summer was spent in Dayton, Ohio, though. I travelled to Cincinnati, coastal North Carolina, Portland, Ore. and Seattle. Almost all locations were as hot as Dayton, but not quite as muggy. Due to the temperature, I put off re-painting the side porch until the fall. It should cool down soon, and the large trees in our yard should provide the right amount of shade.

What about your summer vacation? Did it include fun, sun, and a caulk gun? I know one set of neighbors visited the Wright Brothers memorial at Kitty Hawk, a very nice tie-in to Dayton’s aviation history. What kept you busy and smiling?

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