by: Danielle Dumont
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I had a chuckle the other day as I passed by my neighbors on my way to run at the track. They were installing a beautiful iron hitching post in the sidewalk in front of their house. This act of restoration, in and of itself, was not funny. I admired their work, and the post nicely complemented the iron fence they installed this summer. But what was funny was that right next to them and the new hitching post was their tiny Smart car parked on the street. Hmmm, did they need to tie up the eco-car like a horse, so that it didn’t gallop away? I found amusing the contrast of old and new technologies and modes of transportation. The scene could have been even more absurd if an old high-wheel bicycle cruised by while a monorail zipped overhead–or better still, people in jetpacks. Of course, we do have a working pair of train tracks running through the neighborhood; at night I like to hear the lonely whistle of the engine and its few cars. Now, that’s old transportation that’s stuck around.

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