The sole purpose of the blog is to promote the Huffman Historic District as a rich and culturally significant part of the Dayton community as well as a neighborhood worth considering by those searching for a home.


Any Huffman writer may be a blogger. Any person may submit comments. To become a blogger or leave a comment, an account on the Historic Huffman blog site must be created. Accounts may be created by either registering at www.historichuffman.org/wp-login.php or by logging in with your Facebook login information. If you do not have a Facebook account, we strongly recommend creating one and using it as your primary method of interacting with the Historic Huffman site. Please allow a day or two for your access rights to be granted. During this time, you may receive a message from a blog administrator to help determine which access privileges are appropriate.

If you are unable to use the blog interface, blog entries may be submitted through email or electronic file. We will not re-type blog entries. These submissions should include the name, address and phone number of the author. The decision to publish submissions on the blog is made by the blog editor and/or the blog editorial board.

Subject Matter

Whatever the subject, it must relate to some positive aspect of life in the Huffman Historic District.

The blog is not an outlet for rants, complaints, criticisms or suggestions for improving life in Dayton or the district.

When considering a submission to the blog, think first or last just how your submission might impact someone looking for a home in the Dayton area. If you feel your submission might, in any way, turn them off, this blog is probably not the place for your efforts.

Format and Length

We suggest that you study the blog before preparing a submission to get a sense of the format. While we would prefer not to edit submissions, the blog editor and/or editorial board reserves the right to edit for length or refuse for content. Please consider 250-300 words as a guideline for blog submissions.


Those making accepted submissions should be aware that readers of the blog are invited to respond to the writings in the form of comments that are also published and follow the original submission on the site. These comments are subject to to the same editorial review as blog entries, and provide us with an important measurement of the blog’s effectiveness in accomplishing our objective.