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August ended on a strong note, so to speak, in the Huffman Historic Area. On Saturday, August 25, neighbors gathered on the lawn at Carnegie Park to hear the wonderful music of Sweet Betsy. (http://www.sweetbetsy.net/) This free concert brought together neighbors (and dogs) of all ages for a great evening of camaraderie and fun. Face painted children danced and played as the voices of Mike McDermott and Pam Baugham rang throughout the park. Their performance was such a hit and so well received that some neighbors followed them to Dublin Pub where they performed later that evening.

This event was a great close to a very productive spring and summer in our neighborhood and a wonderful springboard for sharing ideas for our upcoming fall tour. The theme of the event, “Capturing the Spirit of Huffman” has brought out the best in the many creative minds in our neighborhood.

We look forward to entertaining our guests in homes, gardens, and porches decked out in vintage finery with Halloween flair. Both self guided and docent led tours will be available. The docent led tour just might uncover a spirit or two from past residents of the Huffman Historic Area. Who knows, William P. Huffman himself might just decide to make an appearance (or is that an apparition?)

At any rate, planning the event is certainly proving to stimulate neighborhood spirit. Visit this site often for updates and details regarding the event to be held the weekend of October 12-14.

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Sometimes discussion can get pretty lively on the neighborhood Facebook group. Sometimes it’s pretty mundane. When the question was asked, “What do you like/love about living in Huffman?” The people responded. See the answers below.

Rosie Miller – Every day it seems i find a new reason to love it here. Today’s reason: Ben Hippensteel posts “Cheesecake Sunday! Any taste testers?” I jokingly reply, I’d have to hobble down, do you deliver? Next thing i know, my doorbell is ringing and there are Ben and Brendan with delivery cheesecake and it was fabulous! Thanks guys. you made my day.
Yesterday at 7:04pm · Like · 7

Vida Valentine – Glad I didn’t see this post! yikes….scary. =)
Yesterday at 7:14pm · Like

Christine Sabolsky-Bettinger – My neighbor Mary! She is always there to help with Cat sitting to watering my plants when I leave town. Dont know what I would’ve done without her over the years.
Yesterday at 7:18pm · Like · 1

Emili Hitchcock – that I have my momma right around the corner and how safe it feels knowing we have all these watchful eyes:)
Yesterday at 8:06pm · Like · 1

Joel Michael – The potential.
Yesterday at 8:12pm · Like · 1

Aja Nicole – My home, all the homes, my friends, my neighbors, riding my bike on June St to 4th headed downtown, the taqueria’s, yoga n the park, walking around, the adventures and new experiences and situations that keep presenting themselves :)
23 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Pat Polen Tomlinson – I love the sense of community here. If something needs to be done–then let’s do it, claim it, own it, fix it, improve it, maintain it. People do things unasked, just because they see it needs to be done. That’s a truly generous person. And we have many of them in the hood. This is how things get done now, neighborhoods (and Nations, I think) get improved. Take ownership of the tasks and follow through! Then be proud of what you’ve done but immediately seek the next good work to do before you’re too full of your last accomplishment to be able to bend over and still appreciate how lowly but worthwhile a task it was.
22 hours ago · Like · 3

Brenden Wynn – Having friends as neighbors to deliver cheesecake to!
22 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1

Vida Valentine – Everything you guys said. Being able to walk to work, my beautiful home and you guys!
16 hours ago · Like

Linda Burton – Ditto
2 hours ago · Like

David Harris I like cheesecake………..
2 hours ago · Like


To see HHNA President - Rosie Miller and Huffman resident Brendan Wynn speaking about the upcoming Urban Living Expo

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