Come Home to Huffman – meet Huffman neighbors, and learn more about historic living.

Urban Living Expo

Housing opportunities in the Huffman Historic area provide wonderful amenities, spacious rooms, and historic character at affordable prices. This free event is open to the public and will offer tours of homes for sale or rent as well as gardens of homeowners in the neighborhood, food vendors, entertainment and family activities.

Attend free seminars and learn about the advantages of historic living:


The REAP Process – Learn how you can acquire vacant properties for as little as $2000


Historic District Guidelines – Learn about the Landmarks commission and understand the rules regarding protecting the integrity of historic homes.


Historic Tax Credits for Restored Rental Properties – Learn how you can receive historic tax credits for renovating a property as a rental


Successful Rental Properties – Panel discussion presented by Huffman Landlords/LandLadies Learn how you can receive top dollar and attract quality tenants.


Gardening Seminars – visit various garden locations throughout the neighborhood and learn gardening tips from Huffman Gardeners – Growing Potatoes in tires, Creating a community garden, container gardening, making the most of small spaces, and more. 


For further details, maps and seminar schedule updates visit historichuffman.org after June 10.

by: Erin Caldwell
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Happy 2012, everyone!

Please join your neighbors an adults-only party at Lee and Shirley Watson’s house, 19 Linden Ave., on Saturday, January 14 starting at 6:00 pm.

Lee and Shirley will provide ham and meatballs but everyone should bring a dish & beverages to share.

See you there!

by: Joel Michael
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This dirty old shoe and its partner have been through a lot. When they were new I wore them to run around the track at Stivers. They made their way through Eastwood Metropark and down to Riverscape a few times, too. Obviously they have a few miles on them. Over a year ago I stopped running in them and replaced them with a new set of kicks. My running shoes typically pass through multiple lives – running only, casual everyday use, and finally grunt work. Old running shoeWhile the cushioning diminishes as the running miles accumulate, the shoes look pretty good until they enter the third stage. That’s where the abuse happens. And this particular pair of shoes saw more abuse than any others I’ve put through the cycle. I wore them daily for the last five months while finishing renovations to our house in Huffman Historic. It was an intense time as we were under a deadline.

The renovations of the last several months were more than a full time job for me. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that nearly every waking moment was spent performing some kind of manual labor. These shoes were on my feet for way too many hours on ladders, on the roof, in the basement, and in the attic. They have been covered in century-old dust and several different colors of new paint. The dirt, scrapes, spots, and holes can tell a story all by themselves.

I recently dropped these sorry shoes in a recycling container at a Nike store in Portland, Oregon – our new home. Nike has been running their shoe recycling program for years. A lot of high school tracks around the country are covered in the ground up rubber of recycled athletic shoe soles from their program. It was time once again to purchase new running shoes and bump my old pairs down the line. I’m proud to say that from what I could see my old shoes were the most worn in the bin. I think they show the kind of effort that made and continues to make Huffman great. Maybe in a few more years ground up bits from these old running shoes will make their way back to Stivers when the track is resurfaced. I’m sure the odds are against that happening, but I like the thought of all those miles and all that work paving the way for new effort from new neighbors back in Huffman.

by: Erin Caldwell
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Who: All Huffman Neighbors

What: Huffman Historic Neighborhood Assoc. Harvest Party & Chili Cook-Off

When: Friday, October 28, 2011 @ 6:30

Where: Jamieson Memorial Garden (4th & Ringgold)

Why: To continue celebrating HHNA’s 30th Anniversary

Please Bring:

  • A pot of your favorite chili. There will be a competition for the best overall chili.
  • Chairs and BEvERages.
  • If you are not a chili chef, please bring cornbread, cheese, onion, oyster crackers, other chili toppings or a side dish. We also plan to make s’mores! YUM!

Please note that the location does not provide access to electricity, so bring your chili/side hot and ready to eat. There will be a fire pit for light and warmth.

RSVP to Kristy Roberts ASAP at kristylroberts@gmail.com or 937-901-8165.

If it’s raining, the Cook-Off will be held the next Friday, November 4.