by: Erin Caldwell
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I remember when Jamieson Memorial Garden at the corner of Fourth and Ringgold Streets was first created. I was just a kid, and didn’t really know any of the details about who Jamieson was or why the garden was installed, all I knew was that this garden was our Monday morning donut picnic place.

Mondays were my Dad’s day off. As a special treat and to get in a little exercise, we would walk from our house on Linden to Thacker’s Donuts on Third and Ringgold. We’d all four kids choose a donut, and walk with our breakfast treasures to Jamieson Garden to eat them. I remember hopping from rock to rock in the cool morning munching my treat and being happy to spend time with my Dad and siblings.

Years have gone by since those donut mornings but I still remember them with fondness. On September 24th the neighborhood had a work day in the garden to do some weeding, cleaning and general maintenance of the landscaping there. The garden has been faithfully maintained by neighbors Paula Carrol-Worman and Shirley Watson and others, but this time it needed a bigger group to do some grooming and it looks great.

My two young boys (2 and 4 years old) were champs at pulling weeds, sawing some small branches, and finding walnut shells while other neighbors edged, removed a few leaning trees, weeded and did general clean-up. One generous neighbor even bought cheeseburgers and fries from The Spot on Fifth Street for the hardworking team.

The garden has changed over time: the trees have gotten bigger shading many of the flowering plants out and pushing up the bricks on the walkway with their roots, many of the big rocks were covered over with dirt from lots of rain and wind, a few bushes and trees have grown taller and wilder, but the memories I have of the garden from childhood will remain.
Thank you to all the neighbors who helped out at Jamieson on the 24th and a big thank you to Shirley Watson and Paula Carrol-Worman for their continued efforts over the years to maintain this little unique place in our neighborhood.

by: Danielle Dumont
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The crunchy leaves and autumn colors have arrived in Huffman. Here are a couple colorful images to celebrate the end of summer:

Community garden and mural on E. Fifth St.

Mural painted next to the community garden, E. Fifth St, Dayton

And just a few steps down the road, The Spot Diner. I hear their French fries are good!

Mural painted on the side of The Spot Diner, E. Fifth St, Dayton

“Come Home to Huffman.” These words, used in marketing materials during the 1995 Huffman Rehabarama, are once again beckoning new neighbors to the Huffman Historic Area. In addition to privately owned properties for sale or rent, opportunities are just waiting for interested buyers to claim their piece of history in the neighborhood.

St. Mary Development Corportation has begun renovation projects on properties located on Ringgold Street, with more to follow. Getting in on the ground floor offers buyers the opportunity to provide input for the renovations, materials used, and in some cases even the floor plan. The property at 46-48 Ringgold is already pre-sold and restoration is under way. A former duplex at 38-40 Ringgold is being restored to its original status as a single family home; 50 Ringgold St. is framed for an updated floor plan and reconstrucion is also under way. These homes all have exceptionally large lots with plenty of room for garages while still leaving a large yard just waiting for children to play in or a garden to be grown. If you are looking for exceptional, affordable, city living click Email Us and provide your contact information.

by: Erin Caldwell
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Please come help clean up the Jamieson Memorial Garden Saturday, September 24th beginning at 10 a.m. The Garden is located at the corners of Ringgold and Fourth Sts.

Please also bring your own garden tools, gloves, and trash bags.

If you have any perennials that you would like to donate (either thinned from your own or new), they would be greatly appreciated.

With questions, call Rosie Miller @937-546-2569. Hope to see you there!