61 Bell St.

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Bell St. addresses

61 Bell St.
Photo taken 2004/11/01
Use SingleFamily
Year Built 1885
Lot Size 3450
Square Footage 1216
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1.0
Data 61 Bell St
Parcel R72 02201 0023
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Two-story frame

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The following is a contribution from Elmer K. Miller, former resident of 61 Bell:

"Myself and my younger brother Meryl, then the only children of Ralph E and Stella M Miller, lived at 61 Bell St c. 1929-31 when it was a rental. Being a first grader at Huffman grade school (down the alley and two and a half blocks south on 4th Street) I well remember the daily route. About the house, the side door was a feature unusual to us at the time and a cistern under the back door slab was always a safety concern for Mom and Dad. Dad especially loved the old house because of its geographic location to his work. That was at the corner of Bell and 3rd where the old Post Office was a 1-2 minute walk for him at 6AM daily. An event well remembered from those days was the fire at the car barns on Lorane that awakened the whole street one night. The flames were so high we were able to see the reflection in the upstairs windows across the street. Those were the days, but I'm sorry that I can't remember my 1st grade teacher's name. If you haven't done the math, I'm 80 years young. I wish I could relate some important event that 61 is known for, but I suspect that if there is one, it happened before our time. Thank you for giving me this time to express my family's remembrances of 61 Bell Street."

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