84 Linden Ave.

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Linden Ave. addresses

84 Linden Ave.
Photo taken 1999/12/09
Use SingleFamily
Year Built 1885
Lot Size 5101
Square Footage 3847
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 1.5
Data 84 Linden Ave
Parcel R72 02201 0034
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General information

Slate roof with different shapes of shingles; fish scale shingles in dormer, along with ornamented triple window. Tower with differently sized windows and stone banding. Asymmetrically placed porch.

Over the years, the interior of the house as been altered extensively to accommodate its changing uses; but the gracious details of its interior remains true to the lavish Victorian lifestyle, just as its tower and balcony are representative of the period's expression of romanticism. The tower is a prominent exterior feature with windows of different sizes and stone banding. Inside, you’ll find plenty of carved, golden oak woodwork. There's a beautiful original fireplace in the upstairs front bedroom with very nice peach and aqua tile around it.

Architectural type

Queen Anne

Ownership history

Built on land owned by Samuel Craighead, an attorney, banker, railroad and land investor.

The house, built of four courses of brick on the exterior walls and three on the interior walls, took approximately three years to build. In 1894, Craighead sold the house to Henry and Bertha Zwick, who were the first people to actually live in the house. Henry was Vice-President of the Zwick Wheel and Hub Co., once located on Linden Avenue where Hewitt Soap is located. Bertha Zwick was a teacher in the Dayton Public Schools.

Subsequent owners included John T. Reese, who lived there until 1910, and Valentin and Mary Grusenmeyer, who occupied the house until 1922. After the Grusenmeyers, the house became a rooming house before it was converted back to a single-family home.


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