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Use the "Edit with forms" links as much as possible to edit pages. This keeps the wiki organized. It is possible that the information you want to add is outside the scope of this wiki or a new category may need to be created. Please check with a wiki administrator if information you want to add doesn't seem to fit this wiki's structure.

While red links are usually a good way to build out a wiki, they are not good for keeping data organized. Please refrain from adding pages to the wiki by clicking red links. Semantic MediaWiki is used in this wiki to categorize information so that it is queryable. Red links don't use the designated properties, templates, forms, and categories of Semantic MediaWiki.

Most content on this wiki is related to specific street addresses. However, it will be rare that new addresses will be added to the wiki. Please check to make sure that any new address is actually located in the Huffman Historic Area, hasn't already been added, and is associated with a tax parcel number(s).

While addresses are the most important kind of data, people are nearly as important - they just don't last as long as our structures. When adding people to wiki data, make sure their names are entered consistently. It is always wise to check the list of people to verify that they haven't already been added, too.

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