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The Historic Huffman wiki was created in 2012 by a group of neighbor volunteers to supplement a Wordpress blog that had replaced an older website in 2009. The [blog] was designed to be the web gateway to the neighborhood by featuring the lives of the people of the neighborhood. It continues to market the neighborhood by providing viewers with glimpses of Huffman's subjective present. The wiki captures specific details in order to provide a more objective archive as well as act as an internal resource for neighbors.

More plainly, the wiki collects past and present detail about the Huffman Historic area. As well as acting as a resource for neighbors and community members, it also acts as documentation of Huffman properties and entities. It is designed so that the streets and addresses of structures of the neighborhood are the primary method of navigation. People and business as well as issues and organizations come and go over time, but the physical addresses remain mostly unchanged. Street addresses and, less frequently, tax parcel numbers are used to identify the places to which other information relates.

The wiki aggregates data from external sources to supplement information shared by community members. Montgomery County tax data is imported to highlight particular properties which may be eligible for programs that ensure they are owned by responsible people or businesses. Real estate data from Zillow.com is imported for each house in Huffman so that viewers can easily see specific attributes of our homes. Regrettably, data for commercial property is not available from Zillow at this time.

The wiki is moderated by Huffman Historic Area volunteers, but content may be edited by anyone.

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