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Learn about clubs and organizations operating in the Huffman Historic Area by clicking on their name below. Want to join? Contact them through the email address shown or add an organization.

Organization Name Purpose Contact email
Bloggers To promote the neighborhood to an external audience through personal accounts, stories, and opinions. Huffman bloggers need to know how to weave a common thread about life in Huffman into their articles. Bloggers' articles should naturally appeal to other people like them and form the perception that Huffman is place where they can feel at home.
Community Gardeners The Community Gardeners manage their own plots in the community garden. Regular gardening days are scheduled throughout the spring and summer.
Garden Club The Garden Club maintains Huffman's public greenspaces.
Huffman Historic Neighborhood Association Membership in the Historic Huffman Neighborhood Association lets you have a say in the leadership of your community. Voting. Officers. Who can be a member? Other benefits?
Signage Committee The Signage Committee is responsible for fundraising and decisions regarding the identification of Huffman's boundaries and gateways through signs, banners, gates and other techniques.
Wiki Editors To document the history and present condition of the neighborhood.

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